Benghazi – My Answer to Bob Beckel

Guess What Mr. Beckel, Americans DO Care!
I have to say I was quite disappointed in Bob Beckel on The
.  I am by no means liberal and very
rarely agree with anything Bob Beckel says. However, I respect Bob Beckel and
his views. He has, unknowingly, helped inspire me to write on the issue of
Christian persecution, the one thing I tend to agree with him on consistently.
But today, in his frustration over the media covering the Benghazi issue, he
repeatedly and heatedly continued to say that the American people do not
care.  Well, I have something to say
about that.  We DO care!
Military families care! We want to know why we were not
called in to help.  We are owed the
answer as to why we were not called on to save our fellow citizens.  That is what we do!  Read the Army Values and the Soldier’s
Creed.  Having integrity and being
honorable does not mean
standing by while Americans are being killed. 
No matter the cost, even if we die trying, we don’t leave anyone
behind.  Period.
We, the citizens, deserve to know why our fellow citizens
and representatives were not defended. 
Maybe there was good reason.  I
suspect there isn’t.  Either way, we
deserve the answer from the transparent government that we were promised.   After all, how do we know that it won’t be
us left to our own devices next time?
As a taxpayer, I need to know why millions of dollars will
be spent on finding the dead bodies of foreign people, but we
won’t use our own resources to help out our own citizens who may be alive.
I’m owed that answer.
Justice also needs to be served.  I am angry. 
It appears as if no progress is being made.  How is it that a land of laws can’t manage to
bring about justice?  If nothing else,
citizens deserve an answer to this question. 
Where is the justice?
Whether or not the administration misled the public for
political gain is important to me.  Will
it change the outcome? No.  But you know
what it will change?  The process will
allow the citizenry to see what exactly happened that night.  The administration is obfuscating so much that
no one knows the right hand from the left. 
If this all about nothing, then the citizens need proof of such.  And if it is otherwise, we are owed the
Politics aside, answers are needed.  At this point in time, I want to know
why.  I know that our administration
failed.  I know that this whole thing is
a huge mess.  And whether or not the
administration misled the public in order to further their political gains, I
DESERVE ANSWERS!  I deserve to know
WHY.  And so do the families of those
that have died.  
If the administration truly did no wrong, then it needs to
be transparent, lay out its cards, and let due process show the nation and the
world that our government did what it thought was best.  

Laura Murray
BS in Political Science w/concentration in Law
& Public Policy
Masters of Strategic Intelligence w/
concentration in Terrorism
Worked in and with the IC, as well as KY State
Police Intelligence Branch and Department of Homeland Security.
Lived Abroad
Writer, Author, Blogger, Photographer, Consultant,
Homeschool Mom and Army Wife

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