I really enjoyed reading this book with my daughter. Although she has good self-esteem, she, like all kids, will occasionally feel like they don’t have any worth. You hear things like, “I can’t do anything!” or “I’m not good at anything!” I would wager that all parents have heard something along these lines from their kids. This book does a wonderful job at dealing with these types of feelings. It also helps the parent reinforce that God doesn’t make mistakes and purposefully made you the way you are.

Webster, getting ready for Field Day at school, suddenly finds himself not good at anything. He can’t do any of the events and gets so frustrated that he prays for God to flood the earth so he won’t have Field Day! Of course, God doesn’t do that and Webster is stuck going to Field Day. Throughout the day, he avoids engaging in any activities, until, at the end, he is chosen to lead the last event for his team. He delegates his role and his class wins. When the principal makes a mistake in the scoring, Webster has the courage to stand up and politely point it out. Webster class ends up winning the day!

Throughout all of these happenings, Webster is still upset and feels worthless until his teacher points out that his skill may not be on the field. However, that is because Webster is a good leader! When he gets home, his parents reinforce and encourage this skill. All in all, Webster realizes that God has made him special and he is excited to grow up and be a good leader.

I like this book because it is very Bible based (focusing on Psalm 139:14) and really shows how God has created us wonderfully. I also like that the book shows what it is to be a good leader. Although not the point of the story, it is very clearly pointed out that a good leader helps others.

All in all, I think this is a good book for kids and will reinforce the Biblical principals that they are being taught by parents/teachers.

If you are wondering what an 8 year old thinks about the book, she said, “I really like it! Kids are good at different things and God likes it all.”

Laura is a trusted reviewer for B&H Publishing (Lifeway).  In exchange for her unbiased reviews, she is supplied a hard copy for free.