“God will bring into judgment
    both the righteous and the wicked,
for there will be a time
for every activity,

    a time to judge every deed.”


Ecclesiastes 3:17 ESV

All Deeds Will Be Judged

Did you know that there will be a time when God judges you?  As Christians, we are saved from the judgment of hell.  We will not be judged in that way.  It is saved for those who chose not to believe and follow Jesus.  However, we will be judged according to our deeds.  This judgment will determine our crowns/rewards in heaven.  We don't know much about this except that there will be a time when God rewards us for the things we have done to his glory on earth.

We also know that God will take vengeance against the evil that has been perpetrated against his people.  It may or may not take place in our lifetime, but he will make sure that we are avenged.  There is a time for this as well.

So as you go through life, how are your actions?  Are you following what God has placed before you to do?  Are you building the kingdom of God, and thus obtaining rewards in heaven?  Are you waiting on God to avenge you, or taking out revenge yourself?   There is a time for everything.  Are you using your time well?

If you want to take it further, you can do a Words of Wisdom journal.  Simply make categories (you can add a category whenever you want) and put the Bible verses into the appropriate categories.  For instance, one category might be "Money."  Every time a verse has to do with money, you write it under the category.  As time goes on, you will have a journal of wisdom from the Bible organized in an easy to find way.

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