Even a child makes himself
known by his acts,

    by whether his conduct is
pure and upright.


Proverbs 20:11 ESV

We Are Like Children

We are like children.  What does that even mean?  Adults look at children and watch how they are behaving.  We know a child by how he/she behaves.  If you are a teacher or child care provider, you know exactly what I mean.  Every child has a personality.  Beyond that, each has specific behaviors and mannerisms.  There's always "that" child in the class.  The one who misbehaves all the time.  Or the one that is a smarty pants.  Or the one that has perfect manners. Or the one that is always so polite.  Let's face it, we know children by the way they behave.

Why is it any different as adults?  It isn't.  People, and God, know us by our actions and our behaviors.  Do we exude politeness, love, or patience?  Or do we exude anger, impatience, and exasperation? However, we are slightly different than children.  You see, children, if given proper instruction/discipline, can change the way they behave.  As adults, we tend to lose this ability, but we shouldn't! As we are growing in our faith, our attitudes and behaviors should be changing, just like children change their attitudes and behavior as they mature.

So you see, we are like children.  In certain areas, if we aren't like children, we need to be.

If you want to take it further, you can do a Words of Wisdom journal.  Simply make categories (you can add a category whenever you want) and put the Bible verses into the appropriate categories.  For instance, one category might be "Money."  Every time a verse has to do with money, you write it under the category.  As time goes on, you will have a journal of wisdom from the Bible organized in an easy to find way.

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