Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,

    when it is in
your power to act.

Proverbs 3:27 NIV

Should You Act?

Often, we wonder whether or not we should act. Political stances, financial situations, disapproval of lifestyle, and many other myriad of things keep us from wanting to help someone.  When someone is against something we believe in, or they act in a way we find distasteful or immoral, we don't want to reach out and help that person. It almost seems like helping them would be seen as condoning what they do or what they stand for.  This is not the case.

The Bible tells us that if it is a good thing, we are not to withhold it. Just because we do not agree, just because someone is against something we stand for, we are not to withhold giving good to them.  This is even for those that are persecuted. If we are able to act, then we should act.  The Bible doesn't say "as long as they believe in God," or "as long as they act a certain way."  No.  If our actions could help someone, and we are able to do the action, then we are to do them.

If you want to take it further, you can do a Words of Wisdom journal.  Simply make categories (you can add a category whenever you want) and put the Bible verses into the appropriate categories.  For instance, one category might be "Money."  Every time a verse has to do with money, you write it under the category.  As time goes on, you will have a journal of wisdom from the Bible organized in an easy to find way.

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