Whoever despises the word brings
destruction on himself,
but he who reveres the commandment
will be rewarded.

Proverbs 13:13 ESV

Despise or Love the Word?

The way we think about God's word reflects what we think about God.  Beyond that, the way we think about God's word effects us spiritually and physically.  Many of us understand that to revere God's word brings us a certain amount of spiritual blessing and those that despise God's word will not enter heaven.  However, the way we treat the word will also effect us here on earth.

If we despise the word, or treat it as something that we don't need to bother with, we bring destruction on ourself.  This can manifest in physical destruction.  Someone who does not revere God's word gives no credence to the concepts in it. Yet many of these concepts bring about good living. Denying them, or ignoring them, leads to consequences that destroy our lives.  Lying destroys relationships. Stealing destroys livelihoods. Foolishness destroys reputations. Ungodly living destroys our credibility. Infidelity destroys trust.

As Christians, we are Christ followers and the Bible is God's word to us.  To treat it carelessly and not apply it to our lives brings destruction to us and those around us.  Righteous living is following God's word.  This is not a way to promote legalism, but a way to know that we are living in accordance to God's will. Doing so gives us rewards in heaven and blessings on earth.

If you want to take it further, you can do a Words of Wisdom journal.  Simply make categories (you can add a category whenever you want) and put the Bible verses into the appropriate categories.  For instance, one category might be "Money."  Every time a verse has to do with money, you write it under the category.  As time goes on, you will have a journal of wisdom from the Bible organized in an easy to find way.

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