“The Women Who Met Jesus” by Dorothy Valcarecel

Dorothy Valcarecel’s book, “The Women Who Met Jesus,” is a refreshing way to look at the lives of women in the New Testament. She takes the lives of New Testament women, couples it with modern day stories and quotes, and partners it with reflecting questions, in order to present the reader with encouragement and self-guidance with how Jesus would look at us as women.

What I like about this book is that you don’t have to read it front to back, in order, and all together. The chapters are divided by the type of issue women typically have. For instance, The Worthless Woman, The Broken Women, The Stressed Woman, and the Guilty Woman. There are twenty in total. So the reader can go straight to the chapter that applies with what they are dealing with.

Each chapter comprises the story of the New Testament woman, a modern story, what our need is, how Jesus responds to it, what we need to reflect on, inspirations (from the Bible and from outside the Bible), and affirmations. It is a great layout for giving encouragement, options for memorization, and focus on how Jesus would respond to our insecurity.

I like the author’s easy style of writing and the fact that it is so relatable. Every woman can find herself in this book and get a thorough, thought short, response to her insecurity.

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