The Making of Mama Dee: Book Review

I did not know what to expect from this book, but the idea of going cross country with a bunch of people definitely intrigued me. After all, my life has been nothing but a gypsy adventure since the day I was born! And it has continued throughout my adult life! So to read someone’s life doing the things that so many people think I’m crazy for was very interesting to me.

D’Ette Owen has a style of writing that is very easy to read and her conversational tone makes for a quick read. Her stories are funny and relatable all at the same time. That is what makes her book such a refreshing read. She doesn’t get bogged down in explaining every detail, but you are definitely imagining all the scenes she describes and empathizing with her!

Seamlessly woven throughout her book is the story of her relationship with God, and how it changed throughout her life. It isn’t preachy in any sense. It flows through her book just as her stories flow. I love that it portrays that God is in our everyday lives just as seamlessly as He is in her stories in this book.

Mrs. Owen is very forthright in her story telling, but in a way that is easy to relate to and does not feel over burdened with emotion. She has a way of putting the reader at ease even during difficult topics. And her humor comes out everywhere, which makes the book a delight.

I don’t normally read this type of book but am very glad I was given the opportunity to. Reading about other’s journeys with God is uplifting and encouraging. If you are in need of encouragement and uplifting with a dash of humor, check out this book!

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