I do not allow anything to mess up this routine.  It is essential to helping establish good sleep patterns.  Sleep is essential to being healthy and this is more so for those with chronic issues.

  • Hygiene (wash, brush teeth, put on PJs, etc.)
  • Stretch for 10-20 minutes - I use Sworkit app and do a full body stretch.
  • Breathing exercises for 5-10 minutes, depending on strength.
  • Ibuprofen - 2 tablets if just for sinus/nasal swelling, 3 tablets if I have that and some body pain, 4 tablets if I have sinus swelling and a lot of body pain
  • If I am having allergies, I will take either Mucinex DM or Benedryl, depending on what my symptoms are
  • Essential oil rub - I use a blend for pain and a blend for sleep.  I use the pain blend where I hurt and the sleep blend for everywhere else. My husband applies it and gently rubs it in.
  • I stay in bed and relax at this point. I may go straight to sleep or watch a show with my husband.