Saeed Abedini: Urgent Prayer Request

Many of you may recall Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American pastor who was arrested and convicted in Iran.  I am currently putting his case file together, so more details regarding his situation are coming.

However, today, his wife Nagmeh posted an urgent request for prayer.  Saeed was transferred to a hospital in March because of excessive internal bleeding due to his treatment in prison.  His medical condition was very poor because of beatings, lack of nutrition, and lack of medical attention.  Once at the hospital, he was shackled and beaten severely.  After a few weeks in the hospital his conditions improved, his family has been able to see him and he has been given nutritious meals.

Today, however, he was severely beaten and then transported, without notice, back to prison.  It is speculated and rumored that this has to do with the nuclear talks between the US and Iran.  Here is what his wife posted…

Please join me in prayer and fasting. Saeed is
not doing well. He collapsed at the hospital after severe beating.
There was mention by one of the guards that the Iranian nuclear talks
could be a possible motive for the transfer until some kind
of an agreement is reached. This is unfortunate and troubling news.
Without Jesus and your prayers I could not continue. Please keep Saeed
and our family in your prayers. 

Saeed’s condition is unknown.  He was still receiving treatment for his medical problems.  That, plus another beating, followed by a collapse does not sound good. 

If you would like to post encouragement to his wife and two kids, their FB page is 

Be in prayer for Saeed’s health and release.  Also be in prayer for his wife and two children who are without their husband/daddy.


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