Although I have no sons, I wanted to review this book. As an analyst, I was fascinated with how much prayers would be different for boys versus girls. So after I reviewed the book for daughters, I naturally was interested in the book for sons.

I was not disappointed! The books could not be any more different. Yes, the format is the same. Prayers are topic based and there are prayer stories and anecdotes dotted throughout the book, but the substance of the prayers are specific to boys. Even the topics that all children face look different from the child’s perspective. Boys and girls may struggle with the same topic, but they struggle with different aspects of it. These books do a great job of making prayers specific to how the child is viewing it.

God tells us that we are to teach our children. However, every parent will tell you, it takes more than what we can do on our own. God’s guidance in the children’s life is what is needed.

What I love about this book is that it is tailored specifically to what boys go through as well as things that all of us go through. Things like having courage, the boy-side of dating/marriage, being a good leader, and more.

The prayers are very specific. They pray over the child as well as petition God for help with parenting the issue. The focus is truly about inserting God into every part of the situation. It’s not just about changing the son’s behavior, but also about changing the parent. This is so that God can be glorified and his will to be accomplished.

In addition to that, scripture is included before the prayer so that the reader can see that the prayer is Biblically sound. This is one of my favorite parts!

Periodically, there are excerpts in the book that have a little anecdote and/or story about things to think about. For instance, there’s an insert about a boy’s relationship with his mom. or a story about how the author’s prayer about something was answered. These are great additions to uplift and/or focus you on how God answers prayer. 

When I received these books, I didn’t have high hopes for them. I thought they would be very generic. However, I am very impressed. The prayers are scriptural, they cover all aspects of the situation, and they bring everything back to God’s glory and His will. I couldn’t be happier with these prayer books. It truly brings the essence of scripture into prayer life in order to bring all parts of the situation under God’s guidance. 

I highly recommend this book to parents of sons.

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