Nigeria Status Update

So much is going on in Nigeria that I had to find a way to break it down in a way that wasn’t overwhelming.  Daily, there are attacks by Boko Haram on Christians.  It is overwhelming.  The military is of little help.  Many times they abandon the area before the attack, allowing the villages to fend for themselves.  The situation is terrible.
Northern Nigeria is turning into its own terrorist state as
Boko Haram continues its path toward a complete Islamic State.  It has been over 100 days since the almost
300 girls were kidnapped in Chibok, Borno State.  Almost all are still in captivity.  There are reports of them being sold into
sexual slavery for $12, forced conversions, illnesses, death and more.  With the increase of teenage, female suicide
bombers by Boko Haram, the families fear the worst. 
And if these girls returned home, some would not have families to return to.  Fathers are dying from stress-related illnesses, and many family members are subjected to other attacks by Boko Haram.  When they return home, it will take years of therapy to try to undo what Boko Haram has done to them. If it can be undone at all.
Boko Haram is continuing its campaign to rid Nigeria of
Christians, religious minorities, and moderate Muslims.  In one weekend alone, over 15,000 were displaced
due to the violence.  Churches are
burned/bombed, people are executed, women are raped, people are tortured, and
the list goes on.  In the first 6 months
of 2014, Boko Haram killed over 1,600 Christians.  That figure is 90% of the total 2013 Christian
killings.  In addition, there have been
military deaths, moderate Muslim deaths, and religious minority deaths. 
Where is the world on this issue?  How long will we stand by and do nothing?
I plead with you to write your representatives and let them
know that this is not ok.  Put pressure
on them to force better response to the issue. 
Nigeria’s military claims they know where the girls are.  However, they won’t go get them.  This is intolerable. 
Write the families of these girls.  Check out the Persecuted Contact page to get
info on how to do this.
Most importantly, pray. 
Pray, pray, pray.  God is
Almighty.  He can save our brothers and
sisters.  He can change the tide.  But His people must pray.  

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