Meriam Ibrahim in Italy!

Lapo Pistelli, Italy’s vice-minister for foreign affairs with Meriam and her kids on the plane leaving Khartoum and heading to Rome, Italy

How fantastic! Someone has stepped up and helped this woman and her family.  I am ashamed that it is not the US government. We, the beacon of religious freedom, could not step up and help out the wife of one of our own citizens who was being persecuted intensely for her faith! We gave her documents to enter our country but not the means to escape Sudan.  In fact, Congress met yesterday to discuss how to help her. They wanted to send a “strong message” to Sudan by holding a meeting. How feckless!

A House Foreign Affairs subcommittee hearing on Wednesday focused on
Ibrahim’s situation, with Republican Rep. Chris Smith saying: “We intend
for this hearing to be a strong appeal to the government of Sudan to
end the legal entanglements.”

However, I am praising God that Italy and the Vatican had the gumption to work this out. The Prime Minister and various other government officials got her out and she is now in Italy.  Praise the Lord!

“It’s a day of celebration!”
Italy Prime Minister
Meriam also got to meet the Pope for about an hour and a half.  Although I am Protestant, I recognize the importance of this meeting.  How wonderful!
From the Mirror.
Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, described the meeting as “calm and affectionate”.

He added: “The Pope wanted it to be a gesture of support to all those
who suffer for their faith and live in restrictive situations. He
thanked Meriam for her witness to faith.”

She was also presented with a rosary gift from the Pope. The family
are expected to spend the next few days in Rome before heading to

And not only did Italy and the Vatican get her out of Sudan, they accompanied her out of Sudan. Lapo Pistelli, Italy’s vice-minister for foreign affairs actually escorted her from Sudan to Italy.  
It may have taken a long time for the world to act, but thankfully Italy did.  I am flabbergasted that the US couldn’t seem to do more.  A place that was born on the concept of religious freedom, couldn’t bother to save this woman. Way to go Italy and the Vatican! Thank you for your dedication to those that are persecuted for their faith. 
Click on this link to see some videos on BBC.

LET’S NOT FORGET FAIZA ABDALLAH! She is another woman in Sudan that is facing the same things Meriam faced.  Because Yahoo Voices is closing up shop, my profile on this case will disappear off the internet at the end of the month.  When it does, I will post it in my blog.  Until then, go to this link to read about Faiza.


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