Kenneth Bae: A Birthday Surprise

Let’s Send a Birthday Surprise!!!

Hello everyone.  As I was researching today, I found that Kenneth Bae’s 42nd birthday is tomorrow.  He will be spending it in a North Korea labor camp.  He was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for his faith.  You can read about his story here.

He has been interviewed recently and his health is deteriorating.  He was put in a hospital in March but will soon return to hard labor.   He expressed his concern that the symptoms will continue to get worse.  He is also unable to pay for any health care.

His brother has started a petition that you can sign. He is asking the Obama administration to secure his father’s release. The petition is here.

In addition, former prisoners of North Korea have found a way to get letters to Kenneth.  They say that this is very important for his encouragement.  These letters were so important for them when they were imprisoned.  It is very important to follow the process in order to protect yourself and Kenneth.

Please avoid including anything in the letters that could potentially
anger the North Koreans or put Kenneth in further jeopardy.  To protect
your identity (email address) from North Korea, the letters are compiled
and sent to the US State Department.  Letters may also be signed with
your first name only.  The screened letters are passed to Kenneth
through the Swedish ambassador to North Korea, who handles relations
with DPRK on behalf of the US.  The US does not have diplomatic
relations with North Korea.

Let’s band together and send an overwhelming amount of support to Kenneth for his birthday! 


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  1. Thinking of you on your birthday, and praying for your strength, well-being, and better days ahead.


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