In Chains: July 2019, Week 2


Pastor of Zion Church pens a letter detailing the persecution his family has faced and requesting prayer.

Pastor John Cao will be handed his sentence on July 25th.

Church leader commits suicide over China’s sinization program.

Xunsiding Church, a very influential church in Fujian Province has been closed by the government.

More information about Early Rain Covenant Church members detained by police shows that they were forced to take unidentified medications and to slander church leaders.

Officials in Guizhou Province forbid parents from teaching their children hymns.


Government officials forbade two Christian leaders from leaving the country to attend a religious freedom event in Washington DC.


Recent converts in India were forced to bow before an idol goddess. Many Christians fled the village and others have been banished.

A church in West Bengal was vandalized. Thankfully the perpetrator was caught by the police who responded quickly. Tensions in the area are high.

Two sisters in West Bengal were brutally assaulted after church service. A mob of men attacked them with axes.

NEW HOTLINE: United Against Hate has a hotline for victims of hate crimes and mob attacks.


Mahrokh is going to court on July 27th. She faces charges of “acting against national security” because of her conversion. She also has been enduring “instruction” from a religious leader trying to convert her back to Islam. Middle East Concern is asking for prayer.

Christian woman, assaulted over head covering, was arrested instead of her attacker.


Since January, there have been 18 Baptist churches targeted by the government.


Bride that was tricked into a sham marriage to a Chinese man is pleading for help as her new husband is trafficking her in sex and is abusing her.

Christians are crying for justice as their lands have been held by a Muslim mafia for 30 years.

Pastor Bhatti’s appeal is postponed for 7th time because judge did not want his holiday plans interfered with.


A 60-year-old Christian woman, aiding other Christians in Syria, was brutally raped and stoned to death in Syria by jihadists.

Christians in Syria are asking for help from the US as Turkey is encroaching. They fear that Turkey will attack.


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