How Does History and the Bible Fit Together?

Have you ever wondered how modern science fits with the Bible?  How do all these archaeological finds support the Bible?  If you’re like me, you may have struggled with how to fit the things you were taught in school with the Bible.  Sometimes, they may have even seemed to contradict each other!
I wanted to take a few moments to share with you some great resources that really helped me grapple with how the Bible and Science fit together.  You see, I received a secular education, both growing up and in all the colleges I attended.  I knew the Bible was the Word of God and that it could not be wrong.  However, everything I was being taught in science and history classes seemed to contradict the Bible.  I could not seem to bring the two together.
Some things could be easily dismissed as they were just theories.  Theories aren’t fact.  But some things could not be dismissed.  There was real evidence.
As I began homeschooling, I ran across organizations that provided materials to answer my questions.  I was skeptical at first, but let me tell you, it has been amazing!  The evidence is true and the Bible is true! And it is really quite simple to see where the hangups are at.  Yes, there was an Ice Age, but not millions of years ago.  The Flood actually may have caused it!  And yes, there was an actual global flood!  The flood of Noah actually explains why you see ocean fossils on tops of mountains, and why the earth is thousands of years old, not millions… just like the Bible says.
I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to really re-learn this stuff!
Of course, I cannot list every resource in one blog entry.  I am going to put a few here that are engaging, easy to understand (for those of us who don’t know all the science jargon!), and cover broad concepts.  Believe me, there are PLENTY more resources and many that are very technical (for those of you who DO know the technical language!).
If you want more, please reach out to me and I will point you in the right direction.
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I really can’t say enough about this DVD.  As a history buff, it was always very hard to bring together the Old Testament and what history books teach.  This video shows how just one mistake in interpretation causes so much to be wrong.  By correcting that mistake, the world opens up to a wealth of information that supports the Bible.  The problem in today’s world is that because of the first mistake, archaeologists and historians dismiss evidence that supports the Bible.
What really caught my attention is that atheist and other non-Christian historians/scientists were interviewed and they talk about how the evidence does support the Bible and that the one mistake is causing bad information to get out.
I highly recommend this DVD.  Even if you aren’t well versed in history/science, you will be able to easily follow the arguments put forth.  You will hear both sides in a way you can understand and the visuals are great.  The focus of this video is the Exodus. I cannot wait for the next documentary to by published!

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This book is an interesting read.  It talks about ancient man and the similarities and patterns that have been discovered.  It has a lot of information about civilizations, their practices, their cities/buildings, etc. and brings them together to show how people across the globe aren’t really as different as we have made them out to be.  This information is used to show that man did not evolve (as in the theory of evolution), man has always been intelligent.
The book goes further to show you the evidence supporting this idea that man has always been intelligent.  This supports the Bible as the Bible says that God created man. The book easily shows you Bible references, evidence found through anthropology/archaeology, and how evolution is not supported.
I never bought in to the theory of evolution.  So, this book, for me, supported my beliefs and gave me more evidence to confirm my belief. However, if you are on the fence with evolution, this book may very well take you off of it.
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This book was one of the first I read that opened my eyes so much.  Every other page I would stop and tell my husband how something I learned in school (that I thought was in contradiction to the Bible) was actually support for the Bible!  So many things I learned were brought into the light of the Bible and they worked seamlessly together!  Believe me when I say that this was life changing for me. Up until this book, I had two sections in my brain.  One for the worldly science and another for the Bible.  After this book, those two sections were brought together.

What I love about this book (and the one before it) are the charts, pictures, and other visuals they use to show you the concepts they are writing about.  It is very easy to follow along with the logic.  The story of Babel and the theory of Pangea actually support one another!  The flood and the ice age support each other! Science is finding that ancient people were able to traverse the oceans on boats.  Well why wouldn’t they be excellent boat makers?  They were descended from Noah!

Seriously, I love this book and cannot recommend it enough!

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This is a good book to read through or to use as a reference for when you are reading the Bible.  It is written with all different age groups in mind and the visuals are great! Very engaging.
I use this book as a reference.  For instance, when reading about the Hittites, I can go to that section in the book and it tells me all about them.  It has maps, archeological finds (with pictures!), where they are in the Bible, and how they fit into history.  I find this invaluable as these figures in the Bible aren’t just names anymore.  It really brings the stories (especially the Old Testament stories) to life.
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Oh my goodness! These DVDs were so fun! The theories behind dinosaurs are so vast.  How did they die? Did humans and dinosaurs live together?  Is Behemoth in the Bible a dinosaur? Were dinosaurs on the ark?  The questions are endless and our curiosity about these creatures are also endless!  Who doesn’t like to learn about dinosaurs?!

These videos are very engaging.  They lead you through evidence regarding dinosaurs, and they do it in quite a riveting way!  I knew some about dinosaurs before I watched these.  To be quite honest, I never really thought about them and the Bible before. But these short videos were a blast and I learned soooooo much!
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This book is a great read on its own or as a reference.  Like some of the books I have already highlighted, the graphics are great as well as the information!  In a very easy-to-understand way, this books lays out the archaeological evidence for things in the Bible.  And it goes in chronological order, which is very helpful for me!

I love that you can see where it is found in the Bible, read about the evidence, and then it actually shows you pictures of the evidence with captions on where the evidence is located.  If you are in to archaeology and want to know what evidences there are for the Bible, definitely check out this book!

These are just a few of the MANY resources that are out there.  I highlighted these because they were some of the first, and engaging, I encountered.  You don’t have to have a ton of background knowledge nor do you need to know all the technical jargon in order to understand these.  I highly recommend you checking these out! (I have linked all the images to Amazon to make it easy to find and purchase)

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