It is time! I head out tomorrow night with the group. We will be handing out water filters, building three houses, working with kids, helping out at Celebrate Recover, and, of course, sharing Jesus and his love!

Like most decisions that follow God’s prompting, Satan has been throwing his darts. If it could go wrong, it has. However, unlike other times, I’ve handled it pretty well. An indication of spiritual growth (which is a relief to know!).

Our group lost its ability to pack supplies in extra suitcases, which has also limited our ability to bless people in Guatemala with those suitcases. So now, we are putting all our supplies in our personal bags. That endeavor will be this evening, so stay posted to social media for pics!! We are hoping to leave three suitcases down there for people in Guatemala. It’s not what we had originally hoped, but God will bless it! What’s great about it? Everyone was completely on the same page as to how to push through the problem. No complaints, just get it done. I love that! (you know me, no drama mama! – just get’er done!)

On the personal side, there’s been glitches everywhere. Laundry problems, scheduling changes, prescription mess-ups, car issues, … you name it, this week has been CRAZY! So much so, I will be packing tonight because there’s no time to pack tomorrow, despite our flight not leaving until late evening!

But you know what all this means? It means that God has big things planned for us. We are following the Holy Spirit’s promptings and Satan doesn’t like it! I kind of like that!

I am also excited to visit my first volcano! I think we will actually hike it! I always love doing something new!

As always, I will be striving to keep Jesus first and sharing him with the world! I pray I am able to communicate with everyone while I am gone and can’t wait to let you know how Jesus moves in the lives of us and the people we meet this next week!