Life with autoimmune diseases is full of a lot of different symptoms. And they don't even stay consistent. I have found that essential oils can help with these symptoms. No, essential oils do NOT cure any of it. However, they provide much needed relief and/or aid. Essential oils are much like medicines, diets, exercise, and even autoimmune diseases... all are tailored to the person and effect each person differently. I am writing about what works for me, as well as information I come across that maybe didn't work for me, but might be useful to you. Remember, do all of this in concert with your doctor. Essential oils can contraindicate your medications. So it is important to discuss it with your doctor. Also, make sure you are using the essential oils properly. I do a lot of things on my own as I have done a lot of research, however there are still some things that I rely on companies for. A good company that I use when I am nervous about doing it on my own is Doterra.

Also, pay attention that you are getting therapeutic grade essential oils. You also need to pay attention to what type of essential oil you are getting.  For instance, there are three types of Frankincense and they provide different effects.  The type of Frankincense I use is hard to find.  Commercial companies don't carry it.  I have to get it from a wholesaler (the people who cater to the therapists using it). I purchase my essential oils from  As mentioned before, any blends I do not make on my own, I buy from Doterra.


I use a blend for pain.  It started out as something I used specifically for back pain but has proved useful for all over pain.  This does not help with bone pain.  The type of pain I use this for is muscular.  It can be a hurting kind of pain, an achy pain, or when my muscles are burning.  It seems to work well for all three types of pain, however it works best for the hurting and aching pain.  It is hit/miss with the muscle burning.

I use Almond Oil for the carrier.  The essential oils are all equal.   For 2 Tbsp of almond oil, use 10 drops each of Peppermint, Rosemary, and Basil.  I like to make mine in larger batches because I use it almost every night to aid my sleep. For a 4 ounce bottle filled with almond oil, use 40 drops of each essential oil. Only make a larger batch if you are using it frequently.  Otherwise it may get old before you use it and you will have to toss it out.

I also use Deep Blue, from Doterra.  I like to carry the lotion with me when traveling or in my purse on days that I think my pain may flare up.  It's easy to carry and very effective.  This does not deal with the inflammation or underlying problems.  It works like an anesthetic or Tylenol.  It just makes the pain stop.


I use this for when my muscles are sore from being over worked.  Although not directly related to autoimmune issues, I want my muscles healing in as quick a time as possible.  My autoimmune diseases effect my muscles significantly.  So I want my recovery time from the gym or working in the yard or whatever to be as short as possible.  I use this blend in my bath when this is the case.  I do not use this frequently, as it is only when I overwork my muscles.  I add 5 drops to a jacuzzi size bath tub.

I make the blend in a bottle with a dropper so I can put 5 drops into my bath. The essential oils are in equal parts, so the amount of each oil is not important, they just all need to be the same amount.  Put equal amounts of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Ginger into a dropper bottle.  Then use 5 drops of the blend in your bath.  You can also make a rubbing oil with this, if you would like.  Put 10 drops of each oil in 2 Tbsp of carrier oil (I like to use almond oil).



I use this blend every night before going to bed.  The only time I do not use the sleep blend is when I cover my whole body with the pain blend. Otherwise, I use this on my upper back, chest, and arms at night to help me sleep.  (the pain blend goes on my torso, hips, and legs as I have pain there all the time). I make a 4 ounce bottle of this as I use it frequently.  If you don't think you will use it frequently, then you may want to make a smaller amount.

I use almond oil as my carrier and fill a 4 ounce bottle almost to the top (you need to leave room for the essential oils).  Add 60 drops of Frankincense, 30 drops of Jasmine Absolute, and 30 drops of lavender.  Make sure it is mixed.  Then use it to rub your body at night before going to bed.



I regularly add a few drops of lavender or frankincense to my baths.  Both help with warding off illness and with inflammation, as well as other issues.  I like the relaxing effect they give as well as the help they give in regards to inflammation and healing.