“Easter is Coming!” Book Review

This was such a blessing to read with my daughter! Tama Fortner wrote a very refreshing take on Easter. What I liked most about this book is that is started at the beginning, with Adam and Eve, and took the reader all the way to present day. Yet while you were moving through the book, you were always reminded that Easter is coming.

She very easily dealt with hard topics by putting them in a child-appropriate format. She states the “bad” thing, but then reminds the child that those people didn’t know about Easter, but we do!

What was so refreshing about this book was that it was more than the traditional Easter story. After all, the Easter story actually starts with Adam and Eve and goes through present day and into the future. Tama Fortner does this in her book. It is easy for the child to connect the traditional Easter story with other areas of the Bible.

My daughter really liked the story and has asked it to be re-read to her. That makes is a win-win in my book!

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