Monday Memes (Page 2)

Monday Memes is a weekly devotional focusing on a social meme. We have fun applying the Bible to popular memes.

Looking sharp isn’t a bad thing.  Believe me, I want to look put together all the time!  (and sometimes I accomplish it!)  However, if we are all looks and no substance, it means nothing.  And those days when I don’t look so sharp?  Yeah, often those days are the days I’ve worked the hardest.  So what do our actions say about us?Continue Reading

It is the New Year and we are all talking about our goals for 2020.  Did you know that God has plans for you?  You don’t have to wait around for New Year’s Day to decide to follow those plans!  Whether it is a new step, a recommittment, or a missed opportunity, it is never too late to resolve yourself to God’s plan for your life!Continue Reading