“Blasphemy” – Asia Bibi’s story

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A journalist went to visit Asia Bibi in order to write her story.  She approached the book as a ghost writer, meaning, she wrote as if she were Asia Bibi.  Asia cannot read or write, so this is the only way for her to get her story out.

It is a short read, I completed it in 2 hours (200 pages).  It is to the point and flows nicely.

Her story not only shows her own plight, which is egregious, but also shows the plights of others that she comes in contact with.  Other women in the prison are also innocent yet none are condemned.

Her governor was assassinated for helping her.  The Minister that is the voice for minorities (Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians) was also assassinated because his support for her.  Both brought her plight to the world stage in an effort to get her released.

Her family is constantly on the run due to death threats.

In addition to learning of her plight, you get a glimpse into what life is like for a Christian in Pakistan.  It isn’t easy. The conditions are very poor and simple. Yet she is able to see the hope of Jesus.  The hope and love that she has, through Jesus, is what sets her apart from the others.  Now she sees it.

Her health is deteriorating and she struggles to stay alive.  The emotional ups and downs wreak havoc.  And her appeals are consistently being delayed.

I encourage all readers to read her book.  The proceeds go to help her family.  The book is written in such a way that an child above 12 years old could read it without having any issues.  It includes topics such as rape, beatings, and suicide.  So, I wouldn’t go below 12 years old.

Keep Asia Bibi, her family, her lawyer, and her supporters in your prayers.  They need them.