Asia Bibi – Execution Appeal is Tomorrow

As I sit here, late at night with my family asleep, I can’t help but think about Asia Bibi.  Her appeal is tomorrow.  I sit here, thinking about taking my daughter to an Easter egg hunt, how much laundry I will get done, do I have time to go to the store, and the list goes on.

What is she thinking tonight? Is she afraid? Is she kneeling on trembling knees praying? What is her family doing? What are they thinking?

It weighs heavy on my heart.  I pray that she is released to her family.

I think about Mary Sameh George, the Coptic Christian recently martyred in Egypt.  How must her family be feeling after such atrocities? Anger? Bitterness? Are they able to forgive? How do they move forward? Her fiance’s mother died after finding out about Mary. What is that family thinking and feeling?

We Christians in the West talk about the persecution we face here. True, we do face some. Society is not in favor of us, that is for sure.  But do we face this? Could we stand next to these women and tell them about the persecution we face? I don’t think so. We would know better.

So why are we afraid to speak out for Christ? Why do we shrink in fear at the thought that someone might reject us? Where is our passion? We are to love others as Christ loves us.  He died for us. Are we willing to die for Him?


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