Persecution Weekly Round Up: June 2019 Week 4

Man sentenced to 2 months prison and 100,000 dinars for inviting a friend to his house to pray.

Voice of America is reporting that China is cracking down on the North Korea Underground Railroad, the route that Christians often take to escape North Korea.

Christian human rights lawyer in China has been set free from prison but is still being controlled/detained by police. After being tortured and forced to ingest medications in prison and contracting many health problems from that, he is in poor health. However, he is at his parent’s house (under house arrest) but able to communicate with his wife in California. He is under constant surveillance and those that visit are harassed by government officials.

Morningstar Church was raided by officials. Many were detained, including the church’s leadership.

China Aid is reporting that Chinese officials are settling into the practice of raiding churches on Sundays. They are trying to shut down all house churches within two years.

Li Wenzou finally got to meet her husband in prison. She was behind the glass with a phone. She reported that her husband had lost 30lbs, his skin was dark, and he had fuzzy memory. He also told her not to visit anymore as he feared for his safety.

Faith Missions church was raided on June 23rd by security forces. Pregnant women and children were rounded up in the raid.

A Christian woman was beaten by her family when she converted to Christianity from Islam.

Christian Headlines is reporting that nearly 100 Christians in Mali have died at the hands of Fulani militants.

An imam, whose words sparked a mob that attacked a church, apologized for his words while visiting the ruins of the church. Over 178 people were arrested for their part in the mob violence.

Continuing their campaign against Christians to gain more territory, the Fulani attacked another village, killing 11 Christians.

Nigerian Security Tracker reported 87 deaths (June 15-21) due to “sectarian violence,” Boko Haram, or “gunmen.” In the media, the Fulani instigated violence is usually reported as “sectarian violence” or as “gunmen.” It is not definitive that the victims are Christians, but the areas that were hit in these attacks are known to have high percentages of Christians living there.

Morning Star News reported this week that at the beginning of May a 7 year old was shot, his uncle killed, and many others killed and injured.

The Pakistan army had released an advertisement for job vacancies. However, when the sanitation jobs were presented, the ad said that only Christians should apply. In a victory, Pakistan’s army descended that advertisement and released a new one that did not denigrate Christians.

Open Doors July Prayer Calendar

Christian Solidarity Worldwide’s weekly prayer sheet.

A new book detailing persecution in Pakistan has been released.


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