Here, on the relational page, are resources and information regarding our relationships.  As the body of Christ, we need to grow our relationship with God, with each other, and with unbelievers.  This is the page to help nourish and grow those relationships.

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I am currently working on this book about praying the Scriptures.  So often we hear or read about how powerful praying Scripture can be.  But how do we do it?  It is something I struggled with.  But now that I am doing it, the depth of my prayers has grown exponentially.  I can't say enough about how praying the Scripture can enhance your relationship with the Lord.

I am writing this book to help you pray Scripture in your own way.  This isn't a book of prayers that I have made.  This book will help you create your own prayers so that you can deepen your conversations with the Lord!  I will also have travel cards available so you can take your prayers with you!  I am very excited about this project and cannot wait to get it published for you to enjoy! Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when it is available!


Monday Memes is a weekly devotional that takes a look at social media memes in a Biblical light.  Each Monday, you receive this devotional in your inbox.  It includes Scripture, questions to think about, direction on how to pray regarding the issue, and more.  You can even submit a meme that you would like to be featured!

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Part of being the body of Christ is how we relate to those outside of the body.  We were commanded, in the Bible, to tell others the Gospel.  As the body, we should be about doing this.  Whether you support missions, go abroad, or reach out into your own community, you can be involved in mission!

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