Welcome to the Knowledge Page!  It is so important for the body of Christ to know the Scriptures.  It is also very important to know and understand issues that the Bible speaks to.  Things like theology, how to apply Scripture and much more. This page is dedicated to that.  Here you will find articles, studies, and more that deal with knowing and understanding our faith better.


Join my Facebook Group page and memorize scripture!  Using videos, art, encouragement, apps, and more, we are learning to memorize God's word.  The Bible tells us to put it on our hearts and in our minds.  Memorizing is the way to do this and it is easier than you think!  Join the group and start memorizing!



Join my Advent Facebook Group page during the Advent season. We will go through scripture, share music and videos, and marvel at the fulfillment of prophecy, the arrival of hope, and the start of redemption. This group is for anyone that wants to focus on what Jesus' birth means and to learn more about Jesus' birth. Come join me this year in celebrating the Advent season!



I am currently working on my first book in a series.  The series, named "Midnight Moments," will be an ongoing series.  The first book is on the book of Proverbs.   My vision for this series is that it can be done alone or as a group, and everything is self contained.  Included in the book will be "Extras."  These extras are exactly that, extra.  You can do them if you want to dig deeper or learn more.  These extras are videos of me teaching, history/archaeology information, assignments to go deeper in the Word, music that is applicable, and more. The best part? They don't cost extra!  They are available at your convenience!

I cannot wait to get this first book finished!  Stay tuned for more information!  Follow me on my Facebook page for up-to-date information about this series!