Persecution (Page 2)

The Bible tells us to remember the persecuted. Those persecuted in the Bible frequently recount how others’ prayers helped them while they were enduring persecution. Knowing what is going on with the persecuted parts of the body of Christ will aid us in praying for them and possibly even with physical aid.

CHINA Pastor of Zion Church pens a letter detailing the persecution his family has faced and requesting prayer. Pastor John Cao will be handed his sentence on July 25th. Church leader commits suicide over China’s sinization program. Xunsiding Church, a very influential church in Fujian Province has been closed byContinue Reading

BURKINA FASO The attacks against Christians in Burkina Faso is rising dramatically.  On June 9 and 10, twin attacks by Islamists killed 29 people. These two attacks bring the total to 6.  In addition to reported deaths, Christians are feeling for their lives. Local Barnabas Fund contacts said that 82 pastorsContinue Reading