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I have to admit, I am waiting to see what transpires before I weigh in on this topic.  I feel like the media is running wild.  However, some sanity has to be brought in.  So, I wrote some short biographies of the five men we traded for SGT Bergdahl.  NoContinue Reading

I can’t say how much it meant to hear Montel Williams standing up for veterans.  As a wife of an Army Soldier, daughter of a Navy submariner, a family member of many veterans, and a friend/mourner of countless veterans, it lifted my heart.  Someone with some power in this countryContinue Reading

Guess What Mr. Beckel, Americans DO Care! I have to say I was quite disappointed in Bob Beckel on The Five.  I am by no means liberal and very rarely agree with anything Bob Beckel says. However, I respect Bob Beckel and his views. He has, unknowingly, helped inspire meContinue Reading

What a sad day yesterday was.  Not only because Fort Hood experienced a shooting, but because it was the second time.  People who had to endure the first one, and are still healing, had to experience it once again.  Even the responders were responding for the second time. This seemsContinue Reading