Persecution (Page 9)

The Bible tells us to remember the persecuted. Those persecuted in the Bible frequently recount how others’ prayers helped them while they were enduring persecution. Knowing what is going on with the persecuted parts of the body of Christ will aid us in praying for them and possibly even with physical aid.

I wrote this article for Yahoo! Voices.  It hasn’t been edited and published yet.  But I reserved my rights so that I could share this story with you.  Her attitude and faith are so inspirational that I wanted to share them with you ASAP. ************************************************************************************************* So often the stories IContinue Reading

Many of the news agencies have picked up the story of Meriam today.  Al Jazeera (Arabic news station) is reporting that she will be hanged.  She was given three days after her sentencing to convert to Islam.  She spent time with an Islamic cleric.  According to the reports, she statedContinue Reading

I was heartened today to see so many people and organizations standing up and declaring their condemnation of what is going on in Nigeria.  The State Department is promising to help rescue the girls.  The chairwoman of the Black Caucus gave a press conference on the issue, condemning the practiceContinue Reading

Despite being a member of the United Nations and agreeing to recognize and protect every individual’s right to the free practice of their religion, Sudan is still persecuting Christians at an alarming rate.  President Omar Hassan al-Bashir uses strict Shari’a law to govern Sudan.  According to the United States CommissionContinue Reading

I have few words to express over this.  Alas, it must be done in order to bring to light things that are happening around the world. I saw information regarding two teenagers being crucified.  Not knowing the source and whether or not it was legitimate, I set out to findContinue Reading