Body of Christ (Page 15)

How are we to be the Body of Christ? What does it look like in everyday life? We need to have knowledge of the scripture, the right relationships with God, believers, and non-believers, and we need to remember the persecuted.

Lapo Pistelli, Italy’s vice-minister for foreign affairs with Meriam and her kids on the plane leaving Khartoum and heading to Rome, Italy How fantastic! Someone has stepped up and helped this woman and her family.  I am ashamed that it is not the US government. We, the beacon of religiousContinue Reading

 “Christians throughout the Middle East have been targeted, and we are on the verge of being exterminated. The West stepped in to stop the ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims and Kosovar Muslims, so we know it can be done. The West must step in now and save the Middle East’sContinue Reading

  This is our second week in our month long prayer for the persecuted church in Muslim dominated countries.  Last week we prayed for Love, Joy, and Peace.  This week, we will focus on the fruits of Forbearance and Faithfulness.  Forbearance is also translated as Patience. Lord, give our brothersContinue Reading

After such a joyous day, Meriam is now back in custody.  She and her husband were arrested on their way out of the country.  As of right now, the status of their children is unknown. Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) arrested them in the Khartoum airport.  According toContinue Reading

Praise Jesus!  Meriam has been released!  A judge overturned her conviction and she is a free woman.  According to statements made by her husband a few weeks ago, he plans to take his whole family out of the Sudan.   There is some confusion as to whether or not she hasContinue Reading

Red Denotes ISIS control As we watch Syria and Iraq fall into chaos, there’s an untold story unfolding.  That of Christians.  In both countries,  and the broader Middle East, Christians are targeted.  They are beheaded, crucified, beaten, tortured, burnt, kidnapped, and more.  It’s all in an effort to drive themContinue Reading

A few things to update on this issue. First, if you are in Nigeria and want to participate in events to bring awareness to the issue and keep in the forefront of political debate, you can follow Bringbackourgirlsng. If you are in the US, contact your representatives and bring politicalContinue Reading

 Be in prayer for Meriam and her family.  The appeals court has agreed to review her case.  Details are below. *********************************************************************************************************** On May 22nd, Meriam’s legal team filed an appeal of her case.  They are arguing that the verdict contradicts the country’s constitution.  A panel of three judges is currentlyContinue Reading