Body of Christ

How are we to be the Body of Christ? What does it look like in everyday life? We need to have knowledge of the scripture, the right relationships with God, believers, and non-believers, and we need to remember the persecuted.

BURKINA FASO Numerous murderous attacks in Burkina Faso by Islamists. CHINA Advancing Native Missions has posted a letter from their Christian partners in China. Read their letter here. EGYPT An Egyptian man was beaten to death by 6 Muslims. INDIA A statue of St. Joseph was vandalized and police finallyContinue Reading

Truth or Lies

With so many Christian leaders abandoning their faith and others being teaching inaccurate scripture, how are we to know what is true and what isn’t? How do we know if the accusations are enough for us to discontinue buying books and study materials? Using my experience and knowledge of analysis and investigation, I am going to help you work through this very thing.