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Let’s Send a Birthday Surprise!!! Hello everyone.  As I was researching today, I found that Kenneth Bae’s 42nd birthday is tomorrow.  He will be spending it in a North Korea labor camp.  He was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for his faith.  You can read about his story here.Continue Reading

So much is going on in Nigeria that I had to find a way to break it down in a way that wasn’t overwhelming.  Daily, there are attacks by Boko Haram on Christians.  It is overwhelming.  The military is of little help.  Many times they abandon the area before theContinue Reading

Exploding shells are destroying homes and churches in the Donetsk region, where Ukrainian security forces and pro-Russian rebels have been battling for control since March.(Image, caption courtesy Christian Aid) As if the crisis in Ukraine wasn’t complicated enough, Christians are being caught in the crossfire.  The separatists (the ones thatContinue Reading

Persecution that is rarely covered in the Western media is happening in China.  In Zhejiang province, the government has been trying to take crosses off the churches.  These churches are the few that are allowed to operate in China. Christians have been standing vigil every day/night to ensure that theirContinue Reading

Lapo Pistelli, Italy’s vice-minister for foreign affairs with Meriam and her kids on the plane leaving Khartoum and heading to Rome, Italy How fantastic! Someone has stepped up and helped this woman and her family.  I am ashamed that it is not the US government. We, the beacon of religiousContinue Reading

I wrote this article for Yahoo, but it was not published due to their closure.  So I wanted to post it here, in recognition of his bravery, dedication, and loyalty. Current Age: 28 years Battle: Battle of Wanat in the Waygal Valley of Afghanistan Date of Battle: July 13, 2008Continue Reading