What do you fear? Death?  Enemies?  Embarrassment?  Financial ruin?  Our list of fears could get pretty long!  I know that, personally, I had a time where fear was my best friend.  If it could be worried about, I did.  This debilitated me and made it completely impossible to enjoy life.  It also inhibited me from truly fulfilling what GodContinue Reading

Wow!  Does this meme hit you, or what?!  I think we can all think of people in our lives that apologize but don’t change.  In fact, it probably happens so frequently that we don’t even believe their apologies anymore.  Even more to the point, we often think of those people as manipulators because ofContinue Reading

I was excited to get this Bible for review because my daughter absolutely loves sequins that change when you rub them! Whether it’s pillows, notebooks, or bags, she must stop and play with them in every store! Needless to say, she absolutely loved the front of this Bible! She lovedContinue Reading