This page is dedicated to any and all information about my journey with autoimmune diseases.  Whether it is emotional, spiritual, informational, or anecdotal, I am writing about it here.  With so little information available to patients, and so many unanswered questions in the medical community, I thought I would write my journey out here.  My prayer is that you can find some comfort and/or knowledge from my writings.  Believe me, the irony is not lost on me that while I seek to help the body of Christ be more unified and be able to deal with the struggles of today, my physical body is warring against itself.  That irony has made me feel comfortable putting this information on my current website instead of starting a blog somewhere. This page will be filled with links to the things I write.  I needed a way to organize them for easy use, so I created this page.  Please feel free to share with others as that is the point of why I am writing!  I pray that you will be blessed by my efforts and that your journey will bring you closer to God.


I have not started at the beginning, but at the part that is relevant.  I have started when the doctors first considered autoimmune disease.  The years before that are not relevant as we didn't know what was going on. I created this entry for those that may be going through autoimmune things.  Autoimmune diseases are so new to medical science and so little is known.  Sharing information can only help.  As no person is effected the same way, no one's medical journey is the same either.  However, hopefully through this page and my other blog posts, it helps you find your path quicker. I am consistently updating to make sure the most current is available. I have organized it as "Medical" and "Lifestyle." My personal blog documents the spiritual and emotional aspects.



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Adjusting in Crisis Prepares for the Future

With all the different stops and turns the country is taking, we need to be flexible and adjust. What does that look like? Just a little personal note today as we work through the Coronavirus together.


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